“I Am Presence” (The Pillar of Light)

Posting Friday September 28, 2012:     

The simple procedure in radiating Love, Peace, & Harmony to any given area can be done in less than 3 minutes, or within 10 seconds. We all know the speed of Light.

Visualize how paintings depict the Master Jesus being baptized. Jesus is centered in the Heart, above his head is the "I Am Presence" (The Dove/Holy Spirit), and above, the Divine Source of Light. (God the Father). These are the three parts of the "I Am, That, I Am.

So in quiet contemplation, center yourself with that Spark of Light in the Heart, feel your I Am Presence above your Head, and connect to the Divine Source of Light, bringing in Love, Peace, and Harmony to the source of the anomalies. (in 10 seconds but no more than 3 minutes.) Give thanks and close with the affirmation: "Let this be, not my will, but thy will be done, in Divine Law & Order, with Harmlessness to all. Know that it is done

This is a very effective technique that you can radiate light to all areas of darkness. When you turn on the "Light," darkness ceases to exist. Now is the time to daily radiate light to all leaders and governments of the world, including our own. The daily news will dictate where Light is needed. We are all brothers and sisters of the Divine, and we should all radiate light equally to all participants.


Posting Wednesday July 4th, 2012       

When we center ourselves in quietude in the Heart, .....up through the I Am Presence of the Higher Self (the Holy Spirit),....  to the Divine Source, we can now access and share the Divine Light to all areas of need, as well as to all areas in need of change. The Light shines through us, but not of us. We must all become active participants in radiating the Light of the Divine to all leaders on the planet, to our financial institutions, the medical and pharmaceutical industry, and also, the healing and calming of the planet, and all areas of darkness in need of Light. We must all make an effort at least one to three times a day, and that which is in darkness will be exposed in due time.



Posting Saturday May 5, 2012 

Alignment With The Divine Source Of Light:

All those that have seen paintings of the Master Jesus, being baptized by John the Baptist, will recall the following: Jesus is centered in the Heart, a White Dove is a few inches over his head, and above, is the Light Image of God. This is the "I AM, THAT, I AM" mentioned in Sacred Texts. There are three parts in this alignment. It involves the "Heart Center" (I AM)  ........ the "Dove" (That) the "I Am Presence"  ......the third part is the "Light Image of God (I AM). This is the "I AM, THAT, I AM."  Your individual Heart Center, your I Am Presence, the Light of the Divine. 

In moments of silence, whether in prayer or meditation, this alignment will provide access to the Divine Source when your Heart Center is in a state of Love, Peace, and Harmony.  You will feel the Light Energy come through you, but not of you, coming down through your alignment, then radiating out from your Heart. (Some may feel it radiating out through the arms and outstretched hands. Others may feel it radiating out through the forehead in the "third eye" section. Others will see that Love = God. The Dove = Peace. The Sons and Daughters of the Divine = Harmony.)

This alignment will greatly enhance your life, especially those who may be going through "hard times," along with those that are suffering from depression, anxiety, loneliness and all other numerous dark frequencies and circumstances. The Children of the Light are now teaching everyone, in the same manner that the Master Jesus stated, "I Am the Light, I Am the way, follow Me." When you are Centered, within this alignment, you will understand the words of the Master. You will now radiate the Light to all areas of your life, to those barriers of darkness, and start "co-creating" abundance, prosperity, happiness, wellness, with this Love that Radiates.

("The I Am Presence," which is the 2nd part of this alignment, is also known as the Higher Self, Spirit, Angel of the Presence, the Holy Spirit, along with many other names in different Sacred Teachings of different Religious Denominations around the World, including the Bible. It is important to understand that we are all brothers & sisters around the planet and each one has their "chosen path" to the Divine Source of Light. PLM)


Posting Tuesday February 14, 2012   

Radiating the Light to areas of Darkness:

For the benefit of my new readers, the spark of Light of the Divine resides in your individual heart. It resonates within the alignment of your "I Am Presence," which resides about three feet above the head, then up to the Divine Source of Light.  (The I Am Presence is also known as the Holy Spirit, the Higher Self, the Angel of the Presence, and the Higher Consciousness, etc.) Three steps; the heart, the I Am Presence, and the Divine Source of Light. This has been illustrated in paintings depicting the Baptism of Jesus. The I Am Presence, or Holy Spirit is portrayed as a dove above the Masters head, and God speaking as a frequency of Light from above. As stated before, we all know the speed of Light, and we all can do this simple technique.

With Love, Peace, and Harmony in our Hearts, we pull in the frequency of Light from the Divine Source, through our individual "I Am Presence" above, and down through our heart. Now with our arms and hands spread out, the Light will flow through our heart, arms, and out through the palm of our hands to the area of darkness, which can be anywhere on the planet. In 10 seconds, but no more than 3 minutes the Light will flow to the given area. We all know the speed of Light, and we also know that the Light never fails. In due time, according to the Divine Plan, change will occur. Sometimes quickly, and sometimes within a few months, or even a few short weeks. Other times, change may occur gradually. Have faith, and have patience, and see how the Divine Plan unfolds.

We can also recite the following affirmation, changing certain words, and sounding the "Note or the Ohm," according to your personal faith, spiritual master, or religion. Find your point of power within the Heart, through your "I Am Presence, and raise your frequency up to the Divine Source of Light. In the presence of this Power proclaim the following:

"I Am Light!............Glowing Light!...Radiating Light!....(The Light of Jesus) Shines through me! .... I shine the Light of the Divine to: (the area of darkness & sound the Ohm) ............. feel the Light flowing until it subsides, and then, once again, proclaim 3 times.....   "I Am Light! ....I Am Light!.....I Am Light!..................Love, Peace, and Harmony Prevails with Harmlessness to All!.........It is done! ....(To close, sound your note, or the Ohm.)......   Relax and give thanks! 

The flow of Light can be as short as 10 seconds, but usually less than 3 minutes, as it ends abruptly. Although subtle, you will feel when it stops according to Divine Will. Those who are used to praying for long periods of time, may in the beginning, find this method a little difficult to accept because it may only last a few seconds. The inspirations received state that we can do things the "easy way," or we may choose to do things "the hard way." Again, the speed of Light prevails! The Master stated in layman's terms, "I have come to get rid of the old, and bring in the new," thus the New Testament. The rising frequency of the planet is now expanding to this "higher frequency of light" eliminating darkness. We will then enter the "1,000 years of peace," according to Sacred Text. The Children of the Light are now awakening!


Children of the Light:

 Many of these individuals have the gift of "transmutation." The amazing thing is that they can radiate for 10 seconds, (or less than 3 minutes) to any given area. We all know the speed of Light! Many individuals do not know that everyone has this ability, if they focus from the Heart, to the I AM Presence (the higher self), on up to the Divine Source of Light, GOD! Three simple steps.


But, as in the Law of Threes, true balance can only be achieved when there are "three parts." When the Child of the Light is centered in the "Heart" you are now able to reach the "higher self" (The I AM Presence) and bring in the Divine Light. (The third part.) The Divine Light is neither "black" or "white." Once you are centered, being within the "Heart Center," you are now able to receive the higher frequencies of the third part. At that point you are working with your individual Divine Plan, which is the "easy way."



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